Q: What if I don't like the person I'm matched with?
A: It's the risk you take by signing up. We do our best to match everyone according to the info we are given, and as with all blind dates, it's hard to tell exactly which sparks will fly (or not). So we ask that you give it a go. If it's really impossible, then come back and we'll see what we can do. But no promises, and of course, you'll be running against the clock.

Q: What if the person I'm matched with doesn't return my calls?
A: If you have tried emailing and calling, and there's no response, tell us sooner rather than later.

Q: I have a lover/friend/flatmate who is a great artist. Can I work with them?
A: Of course - go ahead!! But not as your Metonymy partner. Remember the whole point is to work with someone you might not otherwise have considered working with.

Q: I have an existing piece of work that I've been dying to have put to a soundtrack/given an illustration/etc. Can I use it?
A: The idea is to create a new piece of work based on the ideas generated between you and your partner....but there's no reason why old work shouldn't be cannibalised/harvested for it. Just be aware that we ask for equal collaboration, and this is what the panel will be looking for. And anyway....this is your chance to play with stuff that you haven't tried before!

Q: It's free to take part, right? How is Metonymy funded?
A: It isn't funded. We donate our time because we think it's such a cool idea. So if we don't give you exactly what you want or don't quite answer your emails in time, be nice. Or volunteer your own time to help us out.... there are going to be plenty of ways to help, from volunteering your talents as performers at fundraisers, your art for silent auction, or your time to help install and clean up.
We'd like to acknowledge the immense support of Corban Estate Arts Centre too - without their support in giving us their venue and equipment for free, this wouldn't be happening in the style it is.

Q: Can we sell our work?
A: Yes, if it is selected for the exhibition it will be up for sale. There is a commission by Corban Estate Arts Centre but Metonymy doesn't take anything. We found last year that small individual art pieces (eg, chapbooks, prints or jewellery) sold more easily, but this definitely shouldn't stop you making a big bold piece of work.

Q: Is there a limit on size?
A: Yes.  it is maximum 1 x 2 m. 

Q: Can a pair submit more than one work?
A: Absolutely! For example, a collaboration can produce a work presented in several forms - art installation, printed text, performance. It's up to you. But you only have 8 weeks, so don't spread yourself too thinly.

Once you are paired

Q: How do I get started with my partner?

A: It's easy! Just send them an email, or give them a phone call or text. The most important thing is to establish contact AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that you can arrange to meet or talk further. The meet and greets are another way of getting to know your partner in a group atmosphere - as well as getting to know the other Metonymytes!

Q: How do I get started on our project?
A: The first thing to do is to define what your common-ground/interests are as well as establishing why you are both doing Metonymy. What are your goals? Are you doing this to broaden your practice? Are you doing this to have work in the exhibition? Are you looking at something to be incorporated into the Performance Evening? Are you doing this to meet people, to make money? Define your goals and find a middle ground between you. Once you have established what you are aiming to do through Metonymy you can start brainstorming how you want to get there whilst incorporating both of your art practices.

Q: I really REALLY want to have our work selected for the exhibition. What do I do?
From our experience with last year, there are several things that will definitely help with getting your work selected. Work that made it through was:
  • Demonstrative of both Metonymytes contribution to the work
  • A coherent and well presented art object
  • Accompanied by an artist statement that outlined well the collaborative aspect of the finished work
  • Interesting and innovative.
Another thing to take into account is how your work will interact with other works. Last year we had many works that incorporated sound and/or moving image. Because of the space the work was going into, the number of these works was limited so as not to interfere with each other and/or other works. If you are working on a moving image think about how it will sit with other works, can it be looped with other short films? Is it loud? etc. If you are concerned - go check out the space at Corban Estate Art Centre and think about what you can do with it.

SIGNUP information and conditions

How to Enter

Fill out the entry form with full detail.
Please let us know if you are in the Auckland area, outside of Auckland (but in NZ) or outside of NZ
Clearly state if you would like to enter as a literary or visual artist.
Attach an example of your work.
Please ensure that this is contained within one A4 sheet.

For literary works please send us short works or excerpts. This work will not be judged - it will be used only in order to effectively match artists.

Communication with Metonymy will primarily be by email, so please ensure you check this often.

Non-Aucklanders and Overseas Interested
Special conditions apply to non aucklanders as Metonymy is a physical exhibition (with plans to establish an online space and e-zine this year).  We therefore require that long-distance pairs collaborate through various medium to create a moving image/video or other form of digital presentation that can be screened on a projector. 
We do welcome physical artwork, and have received this in the past from outside Auckland pairs, but any cost involved with shipping will have to be covered by the pairs, which is why we encourage a digital format. 


Due to odd numbers, venue restrictions or match up difficulties, not everyone will be accepted into Metonymy. You will be notified by the 04th July  via email if you have been accepted and who your collaboration partner will be. There is no charge for entry.

Selection and partnerships will be made by the organizers

Selection of works for the exhibition/book will be made by a panel of established artists and authors, to be announced.

Conditions of Entry

Upon entering you are agreeing that you will put full effort into the collaboration with your partnered artist. You may only enter once, as either a literary or visual artist.

All collaboration works must be available for sale. Any sold works will be subject to a 33.33.% commission by the CEAC gallery. Metonymy does not take a share of this commission but will administer the distribution of payment.
No responsibility will be taken for artworks by Metonymy. Of course all care will be taken with your work to ensure it is not damaged.

The decision of partnerships, selection and awards will be final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into. All unsold works will remain the property of both artists. Please note, your contact details will be given to your selected partner so they can contact you.