Hi everyone,

We are counting down the days! This email is to answer a few last-minute questions you may have. 


Your visual arts project should be delivered on:


Friday 2nd Sep 10 am – 4 pm OR

Saturday 3rd Sep 10 am -1 pm

(Late entries will not be accepted sorry)



Corbans Estate Arts Centre Gallery (427 Great North Rd, entrance off Mt Lebanon lane) , Lower Homestead (not the Church as previously advised ). 

It’s below the gallery and opposite the church entrance off the veranda. Gallery staff will direct you if lost, and there’s parking near the Church (just follow the road past the gallery and you’ll see it).


For courier (Post is NOT recommended):

The address is Corban Estate Arts Centre, 426 Gt North Rd, entrance off Mt Lebanon Lane, Henderson, Auckland

Attn Lisa Rogers Ph: 09 838 4455 x 203


One of us (Renee, Christina, Rosetta, Selene) will be on hand to receive the work. The Panel (see below) will view the work and make their selections on 3rd and 4th September. We will let people know if they have been selected or not by email on Monday 5th September. The work will then be installed and curated by staff at CEAC (artists will not need to install their work themselves). 


For those whose work is not selected – we’d like to emphasize that being selected for the exhibition is just the icing on the cake (but we fully empathise that it won’t feel like that at the time). Collaboration and community are the main goals and we hope you will still feel part of Metonymy and hopefully take part in other events, including the artists’ forum and performances. Details are on the website, they are already looking exciting and we’ll remind you of each one as they come up.  (Did we mention they are free?) 


A final checklist for handing in:


- De-identifed Artists’ statement - a brief (preferably 1 page) description of the process and collaboration and concept, and title of work, but no names

- installation instructions including diagrams and photos if appropriate

- any written work or performance concept you wish to have considered as part of your piece

- Information for gallery label using attached template

- if applicable ; description of performance / reading piece on the closing/awards night


Please also email (to this email address)

- Artist’s statement with Title of work and your names

- Written pieces and if you wish 1-2 digital photos of your work (finished, detail or in progress)

- we will use this to generate the gallery notes and also the ezine which is intended to record all the collaborations for Metonymy 2011 – selected work will also be professionally photographed by us after installation.


More detailed info:


* The artists’ statement should be no more than one A4 page long and one per pair. Please don’t submit a statement each. The statement should concisely detail your process of collaboration and how you have developed your work together. If you have additional ‘components’ to your visual arts piece, such as performance or a publication, please mention this. We ask the panel to consider the degree of collaboration as well as the quality of the work, so this is your chance to make this clear.


* So the Panel can maintain their objectivity, please make sure your names only appear on the back of the work, or if there is no ‘back’ on a separate piece of paper with your names and the title of the work.  We can help with masking tape etc if your work is already signed. Please also remove names from your printed artists’ statement and any support material.


·  If appropriate, please supply installation instructions - a photograph or diagram of what the work looks like installed is highly recommended. This will help the panel visualise your work as it would look installed.


· A brief description of materials, dimensions and techniques for the gallery label, plus the pricing for your work. A template for this is attached. Remember to factor in the gallery commission of 33.3% (Metonymy takes no commission).  We’ll assume a 50% equal share for each artist unless you tell us otherwise – please make sure you have discussed this beforehand. You do not need to make your work available for sale if you don’t wish. We can collect money on your behalf and contact you if your work has sold.


·  A description of any related performance for the performance/closing night on Oct 8. This can be simple as reading a poem, or as complex as you like! It will be possible to change your mind – it’s just to assist with planning, and will also make us feel excited!


Some frequently asked questions:


1. Will the poem/written work be mounted beside the work?


In most cases, no…since the exhibition is for showcasing the visual work that arises from the collaborations (the performance and written work will be showcased on the performance evenings).  But if you feel there are artistic reasons for doing so, the gallery staff prefer to print and mount for you to ensure readability. Please talk to us if there is an issue.



2.  What are my chances of being selected for the exhibition?


We don’t know as it depends on the space available, and the space available depends on the size of all the works submitted. We don’t make decisions on the number of works, the mix of works/media or which works are selected - we leave that up to the combined expertise of the Panel, and the final say goes to our hosts and curators, Corban Estate Arts Centre.


3.        Can I get the work in early?


This creates problems for gallery staff as there’s nowhere to store it.  But please let us know if there is a problem with delivery.



4.       Can I get the work in late?


Nope. Sorry, but once the panel have made their selection, that’s it.  You can still take part in the performance evenings, though. If you think you might be having problems with delivery, please get in touch early – email us or call Renee on 021 265 9131.



5.       Will I still be in the ezine if I’m not selected?


Absolutely! You’re still a part of Metonymy.  The ezine (downloadable from the website a few weeks after the exhibition opens) will contain ALL projects (picture and edited artist statement) as a record of the significant accomplishments of our group.  And, we hope that you’ll find other ways to get your work seen and heard – we can help with suggestions.


The Panel


We’ve left this til last as we’re excited about who’s in our Panel of senior artists and writers. The Panel for 2011 are..


Siobhan Harvey - Siobhan is the award winning author of two poetry collections. Her poetry and prose have appeared in numerous international publications and anthologies, and have been broadcast on Radio New Zealand. She also writes reviews and feature articles for the New Zealand Listener and the Christchurch Press. She's the poetry editor of Takahe Magazine, organizes the National Poetry day and teaches creative writing courses at The University of Auckland.


Helen Sword - Helen is a scholar, award-winning teacher, and poet. Born and raised in Southern California, she received her PhD in Comparative Literature from Princeton University and now teaches in the Centre for Academic Development at the University of Auckland. A passionate advocate of creativity and craftsmanship in scholarship, teaching, and the arts, Helen was co-recipient of the University of Auckland's 2007 Teaching Excellence Award for Innovation in Teaching.


Paul Woodruffe - Paul is a design lecturer with an industry background in art direction and design. He is Programme Director of Unitec’s Certificate in Design and Visual Arts. He is currently completing his Masters of Landscape Architecture.


James Cousins - James was born in Christchurch, holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts at Ilam, Canterbury School of Fine Arts, a Diploma of Teaching from the Christchurch College of Education and a Master of Fine Arts in 2004 from Elam School of Fine Arts. He currently holds a position as lecturer at Elam School of Fine Arts, Auckland. He is the recipient of numerous national and international awards including the Olivia Spencer Bower Award Fellowship(2000), The Wallace Art Awards (2005), Waikato National Art Awards (2002) and the Visa Gold Awards (1996, 1998) and the Rotterdam Art Fair (2005).


Ok, that’s all… please get in touch via with any questions.




On behalf of the Metonymy team