Pairings Metonymy 2010 ( in no particular order)

Visuals                                    Writers

Jenny Tomlins                          Jerry Beale

Sin Mae Chung                        Rachael Heimann

Jenny Laycock                         Garry Lawrence

Vanessa Parker                         Roxeanne de Bruyn

Max Thomson                          Sacha Norrie

Hana De Roo                            Rosetta Allan

Karin Hofko                             Paul Mackenzie

Karen Zheng                             Jason Morales

Sam Aislable                             Sarah Rose

Fiona Holding                           Simone Kaho

Catherine Fookes                      Diya Welland

Lisa McComish                        Raewyn Alexander

Sue Dick                                    Eric Smith

Mark Leonard Watts                  Christian Jensen

Alby Yap                                    Daniel Larsen

Selene Simcox                           Charis Boos

Gabriella Liebmann                   Laumata Lauano

JY Lee                                        Hanne Nielsen

Marie Ockleford                        Hannah Taylor

Louise Thompson                      Jai McDonald

Alice Wong                                Julie Ryan

Eleanor Barker                            Martin Loire

Mindy Catt                                  Zara Coop

Joyoti Wylie                                Karen Hunter

Edna Heled                                 Ben Daniels

Andrew Correa                           Stephen Lunt

Victoria Mellor                           Gail Price

Natalie Rogers                           Maddy King

Jenna Todd                                  Phil Patston

Ian Peter Weston                         Janet Charman

Beatrice Carson                          Michael Botur

Susanne Khouri                          Bonnie Hurunui

Ronald Andreassend                   Siobhan Harvey

Louise Treherne                          Jenny Clay

Erin Gaffney                               Leigh Fitzjames

Paul Woodruffe                          Renee Liang

Liam Davidson                          Anna Kaye Forsyth

Kate Sellar                                 Penny Sommervaile

Juliet Arnott                                Mary De Ruyter

Anne-Sophie  Adelys                  Helen Sword

Julia Oram                                  Kirsten Warner

Karena Way                                Shane Hollands

Heidi Brickell                              Gus Simonevich

Diane Ruth Rimmer                     Rata Gordon

Tineswari Maruthamuthu            Keira Stephenson

Meng Koach                                 Katharine Phyn

Jeong Yeun Whang                       Callum Stembridge

Kushnir Natalia                            Otis Mace

John Eaden                                   Jane Griffin

Isla Osborne                                 Miriam Barr

Paul Brunton                                Michalia Arathimos

Simon Clark                                 Bryony Jagger


Outside  Auckland

Andy Clover                                David Eggleton

Sharon Paris                                 Misa Tupou

Sian Torrington                           Emma Farry

Paul Whiteside                            Melisa Martin

Judges last year 2010

John Daly-Peoples
John Daly-Peoples is an established and well respected Art Consultant and Arts Writer.
Among the various Arts journals that John writes for, he is currently the National Business Review Arts Writer, reviews at and film reviews at

Simon Ingram
Simon Ingram has exhibited locally and internationally for over ten years and is a Senior Lecturer at Elam School of Fine Art. His work is held in key NZ collections such as those of Jenny Gibbs, Glenn Schaeffer and the Chartwell and Fletcher Trusts. Recently he was awarded a University  
of Auckland Best Doctoral Thesis Award, a Creative New Zealand New Work Grant and a Francis Hodgkins Fellowship. In 2007 his work featured in four public gallery exhibitions in New Zealand: Just  
Painting at Auckland Art Gallery; Four Times Painting at Victoria University of Wellingtons Adam Art Gallery; The Secret Life of Paint at Dunedin Public Art Gallery; PX: A Purposeless Production/A  
Necessary Praxis at Auckland University of Technologys St Paul Street Gallery. In 2008 his work featured in five local and international exhibitions.

Riemke Ensing
Riemke Ensing was born in Groningen, the Netherlands in 1939 and arrived in New Zealand with her family in 1951. Educated initially in Dargaville, where she learned English, Ensing trained as a teacher at Ardmore College, returning to join the staff for a year in 1960. Further study at Auckland University gained her a position there with the English Department and led to her long career as Senior Tutor, specializing in New Zealand literature. In 1977 she edited the pioneering anthology of New Zealand women's poetry, Private Gardens. Her poetry, art writings, and essays have been widely published in New Zealand and overseas.
Sam Sampson
Sam Sampson’s first collection of poems, Everything Talks, was published by Auckland University Press in New Zealand and Shearsman Books in the UK in June 2008. It won the Jessie Mackay NZSA Best First Book of Poetry at the 2009 Montana New Zealand Book Awards. His forthcoming series of poems Broken Architecture, is a US/NZ poetry project and due for publication in 2010. He lives in Auckland.

Christine O’Brien
Christine O'Brien is the Sales and Marketing Manager for Auckland University Press, New Zealand's leading scholarly publisher, and  Deputy Chair of the Tamaki Community Board. She has a particular interest in poetry and poetry events, especially around Auckland.

Metonymy 2010
Awards and Performance Night

16th October 7 - 9.30 pm
at the Corban Estate Arts Centre, The Church
426 Great North Road Henderson

There will be wine and nibbles &
Speeches by organizers and judges, moving image presentations, poetry reading and interactive


Janet Charman & Ian Peter Weston, Anna Kaye Forsyth, Bonnie Hurunui, Helen Sword, Rachel Heimann, Michael Botur,
Julie Ryan, Siobhan Harvey, Leigh Fitzjames,
Penny Somervaille, Daniel Larsen, Jerry Beale,
Miriam Barr, Callum Stembridge, Michalia Arathimos, Rata Gordon, Eric Smith, Jane Griffin, Maddy King
Hanne Nielsen, Renee Liang, Andrew Correa & Stephen Lunt
w MC Christian

& awards for best wall hung, moving image, sculpture, text, performance, cutest couple and many more

Key Information

  • Exhibition opens 2nd September at Corban Estate Arts Centre
  • Final deadline for submissions of work is : 31st August 

Delivered with any assembly instructions and artists statements to Corban Estate Gallery, by 2.00 pm.

  • Space: Due to space restrictions at Corbans Estate Gallery, visual  (including video and sculptural works) will be selected for exhibition by our expert Panel (

  • Size: the final work has to be no larger than 1 m x 1 m x 2 m  - this relates both to object art, installations and wall-hung art.

  • Some exceptions to the rule – all video, moving image or audio work has no limit.  These work will only be judged on their exhibit-able quality as deemed by our panel.  This will be screened on opening and closing nights and be projected onto a wall space with headphones for the sound. 

  • Performance: We encourage the pairs to include and develop a performance aspect of their work.  You will get the opportunity to share this on the 16th October (closing night of exhibition) This will be an additional aspect and elements that must link to the work exhibited in the gallery.  Please note that the performance is some time away from the opening so there is time to work on performance even after the exhibition has started.  The Outline of what the performance involves must be worked out and handed in on the 31st august though

  • Costs: You are responsible for all costs relating to making or producing your work. We also do not insure works, but please talk to us if there are components (eg, electronic or audio equipment) which you would like to be protected.

  • Installation: - Please also talk to us (early!) about any special requirements for your work (eg, power, unusual mounting or screen).  We expect to be able to screen video works.

Please make sure that you make provisions to get your work to the gallery by the deadline, If you are out of Auckland, this means taking into account freight or choosing a medium which can be emailed.

Expats/Participants outside Auckland - Your work is encouraged to be in electronic format.  Metonymy unfortunately has no funds or ability to print or transport your work.  Moving image/graphic design, video, photo series , audio, animation or online work will be displayed in the exhibition if selected.

If you wish to mail your work to us, this can be discussed on an individual basis and might be possible under the understanding that the work is still subject to a selection process by the panel.

All work that is completed will he included in our E-Zine, with profiles of all artists and writers that have been involved.  This will be made available online, and presented on the 16th October.

Sales 30th October – All monies from sales of artwork will be distributed to the artists.  Corban Estate will take 30 % commission for sales (But Metonymy will take nothing!).

Key Dates: Please note all Meet and Greet dates and other associated performances and dates are on the website timeline (

Some Extra Tips  / Recommendations for Being selected for the exhibition:
If you are keen to get selected (and we know we all are), remember that the brief we give to our Panel is simply that the work demonstrates 1. collaboration and 2. artistic merit.  You can have a look at previous years entires here:   (

Unfortunately not all the work that is completed for Metonymy can be exhibited (we would love to show it all!) .  This is firstly because of our limited wall space.

Because of the nature of this project we don’t know exactly what proportion of wall-hung/sculpture/jewellery/moving image/audio etc we will end up with.  But we have estimated around 30 pieces (not counting electronic media and outside sculptures) can fit in the gallery. 

What to focus on if you really want your work selected for the Exhibition:
  • Demonstrative of both Metonymites contribution to the work
  • The work and all its aspects (literary or visual) is created in the process of the Collaboration period ( not re – using previous work ) and is unique and original (meaning the pairs share a collective copyright of the completed work – please don’t hesitate to ask if you want to know what this entails and what your options are for future use of the material)
  • Accompanied by an artist statement that outlined well the collaborative aspect of the finished work
  • Interesting and innovative.


Metonymy 2010

Metonymy 2010 - September at Corban Estate Arts Centre

What is it?
Metonymy 2010 is the third annual event aimed at encouraging collaborations between artists of All genre, styles and medium &  writers/poets. Each artist will be paired with a poet or writer, and over the period of two months you will work together to create a collaborative multi-disciplinary work, the best of which will feature in an exhibition. There will also be live performance events and various networking opportunities

Our mission statement
Forging new creative connections across the disciplines of visual and literary artists and providing an opportunity for artists to explore media outside their area of expertise. With an emphasis on equal creative pairings in which each artist will spark off one another. Exploration of new artistic disciplines such as graffiti art and electronic media will be encouraged. The collaboration works will be selected by a panel of prominent figures and acknowledged experts.

Artists must be Auckland-based and available over the time of the collaboration and exhibition (July - September).

How it works
You will be matched up with another artist - visual or literary. Over the period of one month you will work together to create a collaborative multi-disciplinary work.

How to Enter
Fill out the entry form with full detail.
Clearly state if you would like to enter as a literary or visual artist.
Attach an example of your work.
Please ensure that this is contained within one A4 sheet.

For literary works please send us short works or excerpts. This work will not be judged - it will be used only in order to effectively match artists.

Communication with Metonymy will primarily be by email, so please ensure you check this often.

Due to odd numbers, venue restrictions or match up difficulties, not everyone will be accepted into Metonymy. You will be notified by the 3rd July  via email if you have been accepted and who your collaboration partner will be. There is no charge for entry.

Selection and partnerships will be made by the organizing Team

Selection of works for the exhibition/book will be made by a panel of established artists and authors, to be announced.

Conditions of Entry
Upon entering you are agreeing that you will put full effort into the collaboration with your partnered artist. You may only enter once, as either a literary or visual artist.

All collaboration works must be available for sale. No commission will be taken by Metonymy.
No responsibility will be taken for artworks by Metonymy. Of course all care will be taken with your work to ensure it is not damaged.

The decision of partnerships, selection and awards will be final and no discussion or correspondence will be entered into. All unsold works will remain the property of both artists. Please note, your contact details will be given to your selected partner so they can contact you.